Oil & gas inspection

About Us

For many years the oil industry has been dominated by multinational ‘Goliaths’ but it is the presence of small consultancies like our own, employing a nimble and innovative approach, that will deliver the innovative technical advances the industry needs to thrive in the future.

Nathan Phillips, MD

Our purpose

The oil and gas industry is a global industry that affects every area of our lives. 80% of British homes are heated by gas, products that would not exist without oil range from computer ink to deodorants and roofing tiles. However NobleTech believes that for the good of the economy, the environment and millions of individuals, it is imperative that developments in safety keep pace with advances in other technologies across this vital industry.

NobleTech is a growing consultancy that builds software solutions to improve safety in the oil and gas industry.

The NobleTech story

Oxford graduate, Nathan Phillips set up NobleTech to provide bespoke software solutions after working as a software developer and system architect building advanced commercial software solutions for the National NDT Centre in Culham.

Early projects included work on an application to process ultrasonic C-Scans and Nathan is credited on a paper as developing the first implementation of the Hough transform for detecting defects in C-Scans.

NobleTech's client base quickly grew to include engineering consultancies, exploration companies and work for the UK Health & Safety Executive (HSE).

NobleTech Achievements

  • Creating asset registers to speed up mandatory inspections on North Sea oil platforms
  • Writing software to allow online verification of NDT personnel for the British Institute of NDT (BINDT)
  • Considerable experience designing and developing NDT knowledge systems with companies such as BP International Exploration and various engineering consultancies
  • Rewriting the Web collaboration platform for the HOIS oil consortium