Case Study: ESR Technology / HOIS

Interactive Knowledge Base Upgrade

In this project, NobleTech upgraded an existing interactive knowledge base that they wrote for ESR Technology some years ago to improve reliability and provide a foundation for future development.

By providing ESR Technology, experts in NDT, with access to expertise in the latest software development technologies, NobleTech was able to put solid foundations on this flagship product that will enable it to continue for years into the future.

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Managed by ESR Technology, HOIS is the prime industry forum for discussing inspection issues and utilising improved inspection technology for applications in oil and gas.

The main aim of HOIS is to achieve more reliable and cost effective non-destructive testing techniques in the oil and gas industry and hence improve operational safety.

NobleTech provided a very cost effective service. The upgrade went very smoothly from a user point of view

Dr Steve Burch, ESR Technology

Download the full ESR Technology / HOIS case study.


With member organisations covering a wide geographical area, including Europe and North and South America, HOIS members are heavily reliant on inspection information stored in the HOIS Interactive Knowledge Base. When a server upgrade and migration to a new operating system were required, NobleTech were appointed to modernise and re-architect the underlying software and to implement the server upgrade.


NobleTech delivered an upgraded Interactive KNowledge Base (IKB) which enables users to search an extensive database of Non Destructive Testing (NDT) techniques, while ESR maintains the content of the system and collates user feedback.

Users can answer a series of questions regarding an inspection issue to be guided to a ranked list of inspection techniques.


Whilst primarily commissioned as a technology upgrade, NobleTech were able to deliver a number of additional benefits to users. In particular, access methods were made more flexible which enables HOIS member companies to provide seamless access to the IKB from company Intranets reducing barriers to user adoption.